About us


GVI - OMAN  is a hub of vast updated information, relying solely on analysis and research world over, focusing mainly on organizational behavior. It lays stress on the core foundation in industrial and organizational Development.

Our Mission

We aim to achieve excellence by exchanging and sharing knowledge, ideas, concepts.  We earnestly would like to deliver and impart world-class Seminars, Workshops, Conferences and In- House Trainings. 

Our Vision


To produce and deliver innovative ideas and world-class solutions which can inspire the delegates, clients and industries. We wish to offer the industry indispensable products and services that contribute to the success of our clients and the organizations.

Our Approach

To give the best to the industry by our concepts, ideas, knowledge and research.

Facilitating the industries with our strong expertise and academic team work that helps in excelling in commitment and leadership which creates diverse backgrounds.

Providing high quality corporate training’s which can match the global standard that helps in developing skills and values of the clients to reach their full potential.

Focus on high impact research that advances knowledge and enhances its application.

Adopt and adapt best practice governance and management, for optimal administration, management of resources, faculty and staff.


Managemt Team

Mr. M. A. Ali  : Vice President - Operation

Mr. Sarfaraz Alam : Business Manager

Mr. Mohammad Kasim Al Sayegh - Project Manager