A  platform for our delegates, faculties, coaches and trainers of all functions to network and address the current trends in business developments for Participants across the globe. GVI OMAN  is a growing Enterprise which majorly focuses on corporate training and development. It is the epicenter for expediential learning for our clients and the economy.  Our research team works regularly on corporate intelligence model which in turn helps our delegates in updating  them knowledge, ideas, and practices of current scenarios.

We help leaders bring distinctive, lasting and substantial improvements in their performance and in that of their organizations. We become the extending arm for our delegates in shaping up professionally in their respective field of intelligence. We have an unparalleled depth of both functional and industry expertise. Our scale, scope, and knowledge allow us to address problems that no one else can. At heart, we are a network of people who are passionate about taking on immense challenges that matter to leading organizations, and often, to the world.


Speakers, Trainers & Faculties

Dr. C.V Gopinath - Mechanical Engineering

Dr. Naresh Bhagat - Mechanical Engineering

Mr. P. Ramakrishna - Mechanical Engineering

Dr. (Prof.) Ajit Patwardhan - International Expert in FIDIC and Contract Management

Dr. Shiva Prasad - Mechanical Engineering 

Dr. R Murty - Mechanical Engineering 

Dr. Amit Padgaonakar - Electrical Engineering 

Dr. Tarun Datta - Electrical Engineering 

Dr. Ravi Krishna - Civil Engineering 

Dr. Steven Stales - Civil Engineering 

Dr. Mohammed Hegab - Civil Engineering 

Dr. R Joshi - Chemical Engineering 

Dr. Havard Miles - Chemical Engineering 

Dr. Swati Pendenekar - Chemical Engineering 

Dr. Atul Gupta - Quality Engineering 

Dr. Madulai Gurumurty - Quality Engineering 

Dr. Tom Howard - Nuclear Engineering 

Dr. Perth Slyvania - Aeronautical Engineering 

Dr. James Andrew - Civil Engineering 

Dr. Henry Marcus - Maintenance Engineering 

Dr. Mike Clayton - Oil & Gas 

Dr. S Pandey - Oil & Gas 

Dr. Naresh Bhagat - Design engineering 

Dr. Bhaskara Sarma - Rotor Dynamics

Dr. C. V Gopinath - Manufacturing Engineering 

Dr. James Jim Camarrano - Manufacturing Engineering 

Dr. David Wales - Manufacturing Engineering 

Dr. R. K. Singh - Human Resource Management

Dr. S Gupta - Human Resource Management

Dr. Aroop Roy - Financial Management 

Dr. Arundati - Sales & Marketing 

Dr. S. Avinash - Leadership Management 

Dr. Neil Lloyd - Leadership Management